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Suffrage Centennial Planning Tool Kits

1. Wisconsin Historical Society​

Women's ​Suffrage Toolkit​​

2. Office of Gender & Women's Studies Librarian, University ​of Wisconsin​  

Women's Suffrage in Wisconsin: A Centennial Resource Guide ​​​

3. National Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission  

Official Centennial Planning Toolkit​

4. National Association of Commissions for Women 

Women’s Suffrage Centennial Resource Toolkit: Practical Ways to Celebrate the Suffrage Movement

​5. 2020 Women's Vote Centennial Initiative  ​

Other Online Resources

Capturing "First Honors": Wisconsin Ratifies the Nineteenth Amendment on June 10, 1919​ Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, June 2019.  Interesting and entertaining rea

Timeline of Wisconsin Women's Suffrage

Office of Gender & Women's Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin​

Oshkosh: Women's Suffrage​​

Wisconsin Hometown Stories, Wisconsin Public Television​​


12 books that tell kids the fun and inspirational stories behind the women's suffrage movement​ ​(Wisconsin Journel Sentinel, 06/07/19)


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Members of the Oshkosh Equal Suffrage League in their 4th of July float, July 4, 1912. Photograph by Sarah James. Identified in the picture are Lilian Clark, Bernice Mocke, Helen West, Gertrude Hull, Josephine Van Slyke, Hester Lancaster, Katherine Forward, Jennie Robinson, and Maria Hilton. 

Wisconsin Historical Society, Image ID ​5157