Michelle Shrider


"It is imperative to me that we give back to our communities."


Michelle Shrider is the Certified Marina Manager for Washburn Marina, and the General Manager of the Wisconsin Marine Association. 

Serves on regional and national marine industry boards, and local commissions, including

• Association of Marina Industries

• American Boatbuilders and Repairers Association 

• Bayfield Harbor Commission

Completed the Clean Marina Certification Process for the Washburn Marina, a rigorous certification for reducing environmental impact.

Michelle shares her lifelong love of water sports and boating with the next generation. She is the Chair of the Bayfield Rec Center and has been involved with youth sailing classes. 

What inspired you to go into this field?

I kind of fell into Marine Management. I have an interior design degree, but I had been involved in boating my whole life. With a degree in Interior Design, I decided that I would try to do yacht interior design. I did that in south Florida, as project manager of mega yacht interior redesign. In the summer, I would come back to Bayfield. I found that moving back and forth wasn't what I wanted to do, so I stayed in Bayfield where there was an opportunity for a marina manager. Along the way, I got another degree in accounting (I love numbers). I threw my hat in the ring with forty other men, and I got the position! Coming up through the ranks in 2001, I obtained the international certification for Marina Management, there were only nine other women in the world at the time. I love when I can mentor young women in the industry.

What has been your greatest success or challenge in this work?

It comes with daily challenges, but one of the biggest challenges initially was my age. I was pretty young, so getting the respect in a male-dominated industry was tough. I had to continuously prove myself, prove I could handle boating and prove I could manage people in the industry. 

One of the other challenges, which I also look at as an opportunity, is to draw people into all sectors of the industry, not just traditional workers (men). Any industry that relies on a blue-collar component is really struggling to find people in anyway.

​My big successes were leading the two marinas I managed to financial success. When I took over, they were losing money, and  they were ultimately financially viable. I also enjoy giving back to my industry, including being a part of creating and chairing the Wisconsin Marine Association. I also helped create the Wisconsin Clean Marina to encourage Marinas across the state to develop best practices for clean work.

What would you say to other women and girls who want to make or support change in their community, state, world?

Don't give up when your ideas are diminished, especially in a man's industry. Always show up to the party so they notice that you're there. Never give up, always keep trying. 

Inspired by the centennial of the 19th Amendment, would you like to comment on voting or have a story to share?

I've never missed an election, every level (local, state and federal). My husband and I always made sure to bring our son with us every time to make sure he knows how important it is. I have also served on the Bayfield Harbor Commission for 20 years. Civic responsibility is so important to me, it is imperative that we give back to our communities. 

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