19th Amendment Centennial Celebration

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​Wisconsin 19th Amendment Centen​nial Bell Ringing
with First Lady Kathy Evers | August 26, 2020​

(skip ahead to minute 7:30 of the video for the start of the program)​

A sampling of bell ringings across Wisconsin |  Noon, August 26, 2020
Wisconisn's Virtual 19th Amendment Centennial Celebration 


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                  League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay            Click to Enlarge or Print

          2020-08-28 (6).png       2020-08-28 (4).png

              First United Methodist Church                Dept of Veterans Affairs            Madeline Island Museum
              of Whitewater                                       WDVA | Sec. Mary Kolar


2020-08-28 (13).png   2020-08-28 (17).png

                        Waukesha County Historical Society                                 ​Sheboygan County Historical Society

2020-08-28 (18).png      2020-08-28 (15).png

              Manitowoc County Historical Society                            Polk County Historical Society   

  2020-08-28 (16).png

League of Wisconsin M​unicipalities

For more pictures and videos of bell ringings across Wisconsin, visit:



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Articles and Resources

Women's Suffrage Centennial Update, National​​ Newsletter August 16-22 (pdf)
from the National Women's History Alliance

Senator Tammy Baldwin, former Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir among influential women on Wisconsin list ​ Kathy Flanigan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Aug. 18, 2020​)

In Her Words: Q​ueer Suffragists, Maya Salam​, The New York Times, newyorktimes.com (August 20, 2020) ​

WI Role in 19th Amendment, Struggles that Still Exist​, Mike Moen, Public New Servce-WI (August 21, 2020)

Two Bald Guys: Celebrating Women's Suffrage Centennial, Wisconsin Intitute for Public Policy and S​ervice (video, recorded live August 21, 2020) - featuring Rebecca Kleefisch, former WI lieutenant governor, former executive director of Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission; Barbara Lawton, first woman elected as WI lieutenant governor, member of Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission; and Julie Bunczak, WIPPS program manager, coordinator for virtual Women's Suffrage Series, launch September 22​nd. ​


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